Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does your product inspire Driveway Moments?

I remember during a WHYY membership drive someone (I think it was Ed Cunningham) defining an NPR "driveway moment": You're driving along, listening to a story on NPR. Suddenly, you find yourself at your destination, so riveted to a piece that you sit in your idling car to hear it all the way through. That's a Driveway Moment.

I have had quite a few Driveway Moments - usually it is Terry Gross in a riveting interview that I cannot bear to miss a second of. So I stay in the car in my driveway listening.

Something interesting happened when I heard Ed tell this story. I felt an immediate connection to WHYY. He was describing me, my own personal experience, my radio station. This is customer connection and it is hugely powerful.

But how did they know?

I've no idea how they came up with the idea, but there's a community area on npr.org called Driveway Moments where listeners are invited to share their Moments. I'd like to think it started with a listener's story.

So what would your customers write if you invited them to share their Driveway Moments?

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