Friday, July 20, 2007

More on airport usability

I am sitting on the floor opposite Gate A4 at Philadelphia Airport waiting for our flight to Amsterdam. It took me a while to find a power outlet that wasn't being used by someone else.

From where I sit I can see at least 10 people plugged into various power outlets. Some have laptops, others DVD players; some are charging their mobile 'phones. Some of us are sitting on the floor, the lucky ones have cables stretched to a seat.

Before I plugged in I took a walk up the terminal. It's the same story around all the gates.

It would seem to me that there is a great opportunity her for the Philadelphia Airport Authority to provide chairs with built-in power outlets. Wouldn't that be an improvement for customers?

Since this same scene is to be found at airports all over the country, perhaps the greatest opportunity is for airport furniture designers to build useful chairs for airports.

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  1. Great idea. Meanwhile, if you're stuck at the airport, go to the Air Power Wiki to find out just where those precious outlets are located. As a bonus, it also tells you which airports have free wifi